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onlineTEKI is a Australian owned technology support and IT help tasker platform connecting talented technicians with busy people who want to outsource their technology tasks.

Whether your PC keeps crashing and you have no idea why, or your new home cinema set up simply isn’t working the way the manual says it should – you can find a TEKI who can help you resolve your issue on onlineTEKI. There is no cost for an IT Task to be posted.  When an IT Task is allocated to a TEKI then the final payment will incur a 20% fee as the onlineTEKI fee.


There are a range of types of IT Tasks available on onlineTEKI from general software to hardware set up. There also a range of content creation tasks like website design, graphic design and blog creations. TEKI’s are free to join, and their level of verification they achieve could potentially earn them a higher income if they can provide more ID.

Selecting a TEKI is easier on onlineTEKI as reviews are easy to research and queries can be clarified via messaging prior to booking a TEKI.  The TEKI can be assured of payment as people will pay the total fee due for the IT Task into the onlineTEKI Holding Account prior to starting.

Being safe online

Our Verifications Team works closely with TEKI’s to ensure they are genuine hard working experts. We can communicate with TEKI’s in various ways including:
– By email
– By support tickets (Zendesk)
– By Skype
– By phone

The goal of our Verifications Team is to vet out any potentially risky TEKI’s and ensure that the TEKI’s identification documents are genuine and verifiable via third parties, including with Government ID documents and a recent video of them personally speaking to camera.

Any suspicious behavior should be reported immediately to our Support Team.


About our Support Team

Our customer service support team covers a 7 day roster to ensure the onlineTEKI website continues to function properly and any problems are dealt with swiftly 24/7, 365 days a year!

Our support team are in charge of helping customers and TEKI’s with general enquiries and directing them to the right person to ensure their query is
answered, or their issue is resolved appropriately.

You can contact our support team via our contact page on our website.

We want the KIDS to love TEKIKIDS, think it is cool, and listen to the messages and warnings craftily hidden in our “coolness” as we share commentary on games, interview their favorite YouTubers and give them insights to all things technology and social media that they will love and want to learn more about.

All the while we are keeping the kids safe online by subtly educating them “in a cool” way how to stay safe online, keep their money safely in their bank and keep their personal relationships “private” and not connecting with strangers unsafely.

So many vulnerable people in our society are now effortlessly “tricked” or “targeted” with sophisticated online scams. Kate and Michelle are determined to pioneer a guiding beacon for our future generation in the digital space by giving them a cool way to easily learn the basics of being safe online.

Meet our co-founders

Introducing Kate Luella and Michelle Ferbrache.

The co-founders of onlineTEKI, Michelle and Kate, are both busy working mums to school aged (and pre-school aged) young children. They have the same concerns about their own kids’ safety online as most parents have today.

If you want to see Kate and Michelle grow the onlineTEKI business (behind the scenes) then look out for their ALL IN shows where they document that journey to inspire other wannabe SAAS startups!

Kate and Michelle are proud to bring onlineTEKI to life and help keep our future safer online.


Kate & Michelle are both busy working mum’s with a dream, and are willing to work for it

To chart that journey and keep them results focused and transparent, both Kate and Michelle chose to document the journey with their new SAAS business from start to finish, in their “ALL IN” shows.

The shows cover their content strategy, their launch phases, marketing, crowdfunding, attracting investors, training and staff development and their overall growth strategising.

A bit about Kate


Best selling Amazon author on digital content Kate Luella has loved running her own digital marketing agency since having her children. Her successful marketing agency career meant Kate could work from home whilst catering for her two school aged kids, that a previous office-bound career would not have facilitated.

As Digital Operations Manager, Kate heads up the TEKI acquisition and verification department, attracting trained IT technicians and expert digital advisors to register on the onlineTEKI platform.

Kate currently lives in Melbourne with her husband and two young kids and dreams of moving to the Gold Coast!

A bit about Michelle

Michelle Ferbrache combines her distinguished 10+ year career in Aviation Safety & Systems with her recent VACC Award Winning car repair business, in her new role as CEO for “onlineTEKI”. Michelle is also at the forefront of TEKIKIDS, our not-for-profit organisation. 

Michelle is intentionally at the forefront of onlineTEKI as she has a passionate belief that the digital landscape is changing the way people live their lives but there is still a huge disconnect between people and their technology.

Michelle is Melbourne based and married with three young children. Michelle was a “Young Entrepreneur” Finalist at the recent 2018 VACC Awards.