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IT TECH & SUPPORT PEOPLE – Are you good with computers, enjoy helping people, want to work
your own hours from home and earn extra cash fast and easy?

TEKI’s can enjoy working their own hours, providing a service they enjoy either online or by meeting Customers, depending the the Customer’s requirements. TEKI’s simply provide onlineTEKI with their ABN number and provide photo ID. TEKI’s can withdraw their earnings via Paypal immediately after the Customer “approves” their payment. TEKI’s can build a good onlineTEKI reputation ensuring more work will continue to flow, with bigger budgets!

onlineTEKI is excited to offer existing established IT repair and service business a place on their
tasker platform for free, and with their existing business set up and insurance already in place,
they can quickly be “verified” and start bidding for the type of work they want to do, working for
the type of people they “want” to work with at the price they want to work for, super fast!

OnlineTEKI is a fantastic new lead generation tool for TEKI’s where in the past, the same kind of lead generation like Google Adwords would have cost a small fortune. PLUS onlineTEKI helps you promote your business by offering guest blog posts to all verified SILVER TEKI’s, thereby giving TEKIs an even more unique advantage to getting the word out there that they exist, what they do and who they do it for!

  • Ask us about writing a blog post on our blog, linked back to your website.
  • Enquire about coming on our new iTunes podcast as a guest contributor.
  • Let us know if you have a special promotion we can promote to our Customers.

We always want to work proactively with our TEKI’s so
please reach out if you have an idea, offer or suggestion for our Customers!

Are you ready to help out Customers?

Why not become a TEKI, join today start earning tomorrow!