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Congratulations on posting a new IT Task today.

This is a step by step, with screenshots, guide on how to post an IT Task on onlineTEKI. It is a 4-step process to set up an IT Task.

Once you have selected a TEKI to do your IT Task, it is a simple 2-step process to deposit the TEKI payment (the Task Price) into your onlineTEKI Holding Account.

Once your TEKI has completed the work it is one more step to release the TEKI payment to the TEKI, to finalise the transaction.

Then you are encouraged to leave a review of your TEKI to help build the onlineTEKI community.

If you have any questions, or are not sure about anything, please contact our SUPPORT via our HELP page on our website HERE.

Please find following the four steps to post your IT Task today, please note you have to already have registered with onlineTEKI to post an IT Task:

1 / CLICK HERE to open the new IT Task registration form

THESE are the four TABS you must complete to post a new IT Task today:

REMEMBER: You must complete each tab by moving down the page and answering each set of questions about your IT Task on each tab, and then at the bottom of the page you click on

Next Step.

2 / ANSWER the TASK INFO TAB box questions

>> IT TASK HEADING: What IT Task do you need done today? This is the main heading so try to get the main keywords into the heading, make it a sentence rather than 3 words. EXAMPLE:

>> Please provide as much detail as possible about your IT Task
This is where you set out the model of your device (eg. DELL 2016 AGI model) and what exactly you need help with (eg. I need help updating the Microsoft software) or you might say you are unsure of exactly what updates you need, and the TEKI should allow for that in the Bid Price.

>> Categories
Simply click on the category box that is most relevant to your type of IT Task. If it is a dropdown menu, click on the box relevant to your IT Task in the dropdown menu too.



>> Your IT Task Budget (price guide only)
Do you have a budget for your IT Task? If so, this is where you put that in.
Keep in mind if you put a low price, it may not attract the right TEKI for the job.
Simply click on the drop down menu and select the right price guide for your IT Task.

This is not a FIXED price – UNLESS you are choosing the $25 Quick Consultation. Then the IT Task Price will be fixed at $25. You have to pay the $25 fee when you publish your IT Task today.


>> TEKI Location Preference
Our TEKI’s are independent contractors and some have physical stores you can visit locally. Sometimes your IT or technology challenge may require an “in person” visit.
Many IT Tasks can now be done online over the internet. This is called “Remote” access.
If you are unsure whether your TEKI needs to come to your home, or your IT Task can be done via remote access, you would select the “UNSURE” option from the dropdown menu options.

Alternatively if you know your help is a remote IT Task, and it could be done faster and cheaper via a remote connection, then click on YES – (remote help).
Otherwise if you know someone needs to either come visit you, or you want to visit their shop, then you would select the YES – (visit me) option.

>> IT TASK Due Date
When do you require your IT Task to be done by? You can choose within 24 hours if it is a rush job, or maybe you are happy to wait up to a week. This is where you indicate your time delivery expectation, and if you are unsure you can select a timeframe and write more in your IT Task description box as to the actual delivery date expectation and why.
To enter your date and time, simply click on the Date Box and a dropdown menu will open up for you to click on – to set the time and day you want.


3 / CHECK OFF the OPTIONS TAB choices

>> IT TASK HEADING: What IT Task do you need done today? This is the main heading so try to get the main keywords into the heading, make it a sentence rather than 3 words. EXAMPLE: On this TAB there are two choices to make. 1: Do you want to pay an extra $49 to make your IT Post “Featured”. If you want to know more about “featuring” your IT Task simply go visit this page HERE:
Feature Your IT Task
If you do want your IT Task “featured” simply click on the empty box to “check” it. 2: Do you want to hide your IT Task from the Google search engine? If you don’t the general public to find your IT Task in Google searches, then simply “check” this empty box and it will be listed as a “hidden” IT Task, but it is still viewable on the onlineTEKI website listings.
Once you have completed this page, simply click on the NEXT STEP button to go to the REVIEW TAB or you can click GO BACK if you wish to edit the previous IT Task details.


All the details you set up in your IT Task previous pages, will now show here on this page for you to carefully go through and check are correct, and click on “Next Step” if you are happy to confirm the details as correct. If any of the details are incorrect you can simply click on the “Go Back” pink button at the bottom of the page.


The last TAB to check simply asks you to confirm you wish to post your IT Task, and if so, you should simply click on the pink button.

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