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“A $25 Quick Consultation with a TEKI will help you identify your issue properly, whether it is a software problem or a hardware issue.

After your $25 Quick Consultation you will be able to post an IT Task and book a TEKI to help you complete it if you wish to!

Are you unsure what’s wrong with your computer, software or device?

Do you need some help deciding who can help you fix your issue?

Until you know what’s wrong you may be unable to decide
what IT Task to post or how much it will cost.

That’s where our $25 Quick Consultation comes in!

Once you book a $25 Quick Consultation with a TEKI, they will help you identify your issue and understand what’s needed to fix it. You can then post your IT Task and book a TEKI to complete it.

REMEMBER:  $25 Quick Consultations help you to assess your issue and work out what you need to do next.

Your ($25 Quick Consultation) TEKI will not perform any work on the issue itself or teach you how to do the IT Task, but will help you decide on how to fix your issue.

How It Works

Describe your ($25) IT Task

Click on the “POST AN IT TASK” pink button at the top of our website - and select a $25 Quick Consultation as the type of IT Task. Describe your issue on the new IT Task form, and pay the $25 fee when asked. We will notify you when your $25 Quick Consultation IT Task goes live and TEKI's can Bid.

Peruse your Bids

Check through the TEKI’s who do Bid on your $25 Quick Consultation IT Task and chose the TEKI you would like to hire. You can read through the Bid offer from the TEKI's and check their past TEKI reviews. You can ask questions prior to booking!

Select your TEKI

To book your TEKI who can offer you the expertise and help you require, simply view your Current IT Task List in your onlineTEKI Account Dashboard and there will be an option to select the TEKI Bid you wish to choose, once you have done that you can get in contact with your TEKI and troubleshoot your problem. When finished simply release the $25 payment to the TEKI and leave a Review!