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Being safe online

Our Verifications Team works closely with TEKI’s to ensure they are genuine hard working experts. We can communicate with TEKI’s in various ways including:
– By email
– By support tickets  
– By Skype
– By phone

The goal of our Verifications Team is to vet out any potentially risky TEKI’s and ensure that the TEKI’s identification documents are genuine and verifiable via third parties, including with Government ID documents and a recent video of them personally speaking to camera.

Any suspicious behavior should be reported immediately to our Support Team.

We want the KIDS to love TEKIKIDS, think it is cool, and listen to the messages and warnings craftily hidden in our “coolness” as we share commentary on games, interview their favorite YouTubers and give them insights to all things technology and social media that they will love and want to learn more about.

All the while we are keeping the kids safe online by subtly educating them “in a cool” way how to stay safe online, keep their money safely in their bank and keep their personal relationships “private” and not connecting with strangers unsafely.

So many vulnerable people in our society are now effortlessly “tricked” or “targeted” with sophisticated online scams. Kate and Michelle are determined to pioneer a guiding beacon for our future generation in the digital space by giving them a cool way to easily learn the basics of being safe online.